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All About Dentures

Dentures that fit well can improve your looks and enhance eating and speaking. In general, the life expectancy of a denture is about five to seven years. Over time, several factors will influence how well your denture teeth come together, their comfort, as well as your ability to chew and have a pleasing appearance.

Factors that affect the satisfaction and life span of your dentures include:

  • General health status
  • Significant weight increase or decrease
  • Time since loss of teeth
  • Denture care and cleaning
  • Tobacco and caffeine use
  • Shape of your mouth
  • Changes in facial and oral muscles
  • Variation in skin tone or color

The color match of a denture tooth to a natural tooth color can seem to change, especially if the natural teeth are darker due to stain or lighter because of past dental treatment. Also, denture teeth can wear, stain, chip, or fracture over time. We are able to modify the look of smiles and gum tissues in order to compliment existing teeth, skin color, or tone.

Dentures, like all manufactured goods, require regular maintenance and eventual replacement. To maintain proper fit, appearance, function, and to avoid any damage to oral structure, we should regularly evaluate dentures. The gum and bone tissues that support dentures undergo changes over time and with age. Often, these changes include a good amount of bone shrinkage. Bone shrinkage causes a denture to become loose, less functional, and slip during eating and speaking. Age-related changes in facial muscles, complexion, and lips also will affect the function and appearance of a denture. Oral hygiene habits, use of tobacco, and drinking coffee or tea will affect the appearance of a denture, as well as any odors associated with them.

Since dentures are in use every day, several hours a day, for many years, it is reasonable to periodically replace dentures that no longer fit properly. If you have not visited a dentist recently, if your dentures slip, have lost their good looks, cause discomfort, or if your dentures are more than five years old, consider the advantages of new dentures.

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