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Camarillo Smiles has the best trained dental assistants. Your visit will be comfortable and pleasant. Call (805) 388-5700. Your Dentist Camarillo CA.

The Camarillo Smiles Dental Assistants


 Sarah one of the best assistants in ventura county


Sarah came to Camarillo Smiles in 2011. She started in dentistry at the ROP program in 1999. She then attended UCLA to become a Registered Dental Assistant with Extended Functions 2 which puts her in an elite class of highly trained dental assistants. 

Sarah lives in Oxnard with her two cats. 


 Teri, warm and caring dental assistant


Teri grew up in Texas and moved to California 20 years ago. She now lives in Ojai with her 5 dogs. She loves anything with 4 legs and fur and has volunteered with the SPCA for over 15 years. She came to Camarillo Smiles as a patient in 2000. "I love the office so much, I had to work here". She graduated for the California Academy of Dental Assisting in 2010 and is now happily employed here. "I get to come to work every day and get my people fix, go home and get my dog fix- what more could you ask for?"

That's why we love Teri. 


 Jillian is a Camarillo Smiles dental office assistant.