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Common Questions about Cosmetic Dentistry 

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What do the cosmetic dentists at Camarillo Smiles do to improve smiles?

Dr. Czubiak,  Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Pezeshki utilize many cutting edge techniques to give their patients the smiles that they deserve. They have taken years of extra training to offer their patients the best that cosmetic dentistry has to offer. They whiten teeth using fantastic tooth bleaching products, they straighten teeth with invisalign clear braces, they fix broken and discolored teeth with porcelain veneers and they fix gaps with bonding and implants.

What is tooth bleaching?

Tooth bleaching or whitening is the process of lightening stains or discolorations on one's teeth.

When would you consider tooth bleaching?

You would consider tooth bleaching if your teeth have yellowed with age or are stained from tobacco, tea, coffee, or food.

What causes a tooth to darken?

In an adult, this may be a sign that the nerve of the tooth has become infected or diseased and normal blood flow has stopped. Generally, a root canal may be required. Teeth also can become stained and discolored from smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, and other foods that are heavily pigmented. In addition, as we age, teeth tend to get more yellow or darker in color. Taking the antibiotic tetracycline during early childhood causes discoloration of the teeth as well. A natural color can be gained through bonding, veneer, crowns, or bleaching the affected tooth or teeth.

What is involved in tooth bleaching?

We will determine which bleaching method is right for you, and will decide whether to use an in-office bleaching system or laser bleaching. But, most patients choose dentist-supervised at-home bleaching. This method uses a custom-made mouthguard with bleaching materials. You will be given complete instructions on how to wear the mouthguard. This type of method generally requires 10 to 14 days to complete.

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