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Can Flossing Too Much Be Bad?

At Camarillo Smiles, we recommend our patients to floss every day. But, from time to time, they would ask, “Can flossing too much be bad?”

Brushing and flossing our teeth are vital to maintaining healthy oral health. They also extend the life of our teeth. But, just like everything else, too much flossing is bad for your teeth, gums, and mouth. 

Flossing clears out plaque and bacteria that your brush can’t reach. It keeps your gums and teeth in great shape. If you floss too much, you irritate and damage your gum tissue. That is, you’re doing more damage to your gums than good. Your gums will be sore and swollen. They also start to bleed. These are the signs and symptoms that you’re flossing too much.

Flossing too much can also wear down the enamel that protects your teeth from damage and cavities. The more wear, the higher chances of hurting, not just your gums but even your teeth.

At Camarillo Smiles, we recommend flossing once or twice a day. It’s a practice that you must remember and perform each day to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Flossing properly

One of the reasons patients have gum soreness from flossing is that they’re doing it wrong.

When flossing, use a saw-like motion to scrap the sides of your teeth. Apply a small amount of pressure and when you clean the sides.

Focus on every side of your tooth. And don’t apply too much pressure against your gums. Because flossing’s purpose is to remove plaque on the side of your teeth, you must not dig under your tooth and into your gum. You don’t have to do that because, if you floss every day, plaque won’t build up on your gums.

How often should you floss?

You must floss every day but do it once or twice a day. However, you can floss your teeth whenever necessary. For instance, if there’s something that’s stuck in between your teeth, then you can use floss to remove it.

Once or twice a day is enough because it can take 24 hours for the plaque to form in your teeth.

What happens when you floss more than twice a day?

It may cause severe damage to your gum tissue. However, damage to gum tissue isn’t only the result of flossing more than twice a day, but it’s also caused by applying too much pressure on your gums. Flossing vigorously can cause gum bleeding and make it painful.

Then, when you floss too much, you may be destroying your gum line that exposes your tooth’s root, and can result in tooth decay and cavities. Treatment for this condition can be costly. That’s why you must avoid them as much as possible.

To ensure that you’re taking care of your gums and teeth, you must only floss properly once or twice a day.

Schedule your dental visit with Camarillo Smiles today and let our dentists examine your gums and tissue. They can give you tips on how to floss correctly. Our dentists won’t only perform a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health, but they’ll also show you the proper way to floss to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy.