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If You Can't Floss Very Well- One Word: GumChucks

You know you should be flossing, but studies show that most people don't floss because flossing can be time consuming and just down-right difficult for some. To be fair, some people lack the dexterity or just have fingers that are too big. So, let's give a big welcome to Gumchucks, a true alternative to conventional dental flossing.

 Gumchucks with removable floss segment

Gumchucks with removable floss segment

Gumchucks looks like small nunchucks, made famous by the late, great Bruce Lee. But, in this case, they are used slightly differently :) A small strand of non-shredding dental floss is connected to two small handles. This allows you to get the dental floss in between your teeth without putting your fingers way back into your mouth. It also makes it really easy to curve the floss around the surface of the tooth, in the way that we dentists and dental hygienists really like.

Quick time out for a flossing review: Floss is just a very skinny toothbrush that fits in between teeth. We can use our toothbrush for cleaning the chewing surfaces and the insides and outsides of our teeth, but the in between areas don't get touched. The motion should be as if you were cleaning a pole with a rope. Not side to side, but instead, pulling the rope towards the pole and moving it up and down. With your teeth, get the dental floss in between two teeth, then pull the floss towards the front tooth of the space, floss up and down and then push it back towards the back tooth and do the same.

 Child using gumchucks

These motions are made much easier with gumchucks. We at Camarillo Smiles recommend gumchucks to anyone who struggles with regular flossing. This product is quite new and has been targeted towards children, which makes a lot of sense. They then started making them for adults which is very smart. And now, they have just come out with Orthogami.

Orthogami is gumchucks with a slightly modified floss holder that allows children and adults that are wearing braces to floss easier than I could have ever thought was possible. With a goal of making dental flossing less time consuming and easier, gumchucks has done it- brilliant!

 Orthogami Starter Kit

Orthogami Starter Kit

If you are interested in keeping bacteria from destroying the bone that holds your teeth in (and I hope you do), then make sure flossing is part of your oral hygiene regimen. Products like this are welcomed tools that we are always searching out. We search the world over for innovation (but in the case of gumchucks, they come from Calabasas).

Give us a call, and we can get you started.