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Gold Or Porcelain: Which Crown Is Right For You?

Dental crowns are expensive. It’s true. They’re an investment, even though they can give you a lucrative return. However, when it comes to your teeth, they can increase your teeth’s longevity while they help in improving the health of your smile.

Because it’s an investment, you must choose the type of crown that best suits your purpose and lifestyle. When choosing for right crown, it’s best to look at the choices of materials available.

The two most popular are gold and porcelain. The former is a metal while the latter is usually fused to metal.

Your dentist can help you pick the better option between gold and porcelain. He can make a suggestion based on the location of the crown, whether it can be seen when smiling and the purpose of the crown.

Dental crowns’ goal is to repair the teeth after sustaining damage. Another goal is to cap a smaller tooth. They’re also used to top or cover the restoration method after treating the cavity.

Your dentist will choose the material of the crown based on its purpose. If your tooth has severe damage because of too much grinding, the better option is gold. Compared to porcelain, gold is stronger and can endure pressure from a grinder.

Then again, if the crown will be placed on a tooth that’s visible when you smile, then a porcelain crown would be the better option.

Is gold safe?

Gold crowns are safe. Your dentist will remove a small amount of tooth before capping. The best thing about gold is that it doesn’t fracture. That’s why ir is the best option on grinders.

But because of their look, gold crowns are only placed on teeth that aren’t visible when smiling. Gold is very noticeable if used in the front tooth. 

But if you are ostentatious in nature and don’t mind flaunting your smile, a gold crown can be a great option.

How about porcelain?

Porcelain crown can be of two kinds. The first one is the porcelain fused to metal.

It has the strength of metal but it has an aesthetic look of porcelain. However, you can still see the metal at the tooth’s baseline.

And, even though this option is stronger than a solid porcelain, it’s still prone to fracture and chipping.

Porcelain has a natural appearance and will blend in with your teeth. Unfortunately, it's more fragile than porcelain fused to metal. That said, it’s not the best option for teeth that are used for grinding, like your molars.

Between the two, porcelain and gold, the latter is the more expensive. Even so, dental crowns are cheap. They can cost hundreds to thousands of money, depending on the number of teeth that require dental crowns. The more teeth, the more expensive the overall cost will be.

But don’t worry. If you have a dental savings plan, you can make the dental crowns more affordable.

Ask your dentist at Advanced Dental Care of Austin if you could use your dental insurance to make gold or porcelain crowns more affordable.