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Happy 2013 from Camarillo Smiles

Wow, another year passes. Where did 2012 go. Time sure does seem to  fly by. Well, since we didn't see the end of the world this month we can  get back to our actuary tables. According to the CDC,  life expectancy in the United States is 78.5 years. In areas like  Camarillo and Ventura County, the life expectancy is even higher due to  our good clean living. That poses a problem for dentists like me.

Older man smiling

Your smile at 90?

In the old days, people were OK with losing their  teeth and wearing dentures. These days that isn't the case. Most people  want to avoid that. I used to have patients ask me, "so when do you  think I am going to lose my teeth?" as if it were unavoidable.

Just  to be clear, gum disease (not cavities) is the cause of losing all of  your teeth almost every time. The bone that hold your teeth in is only  there to do that if it is happy (healthy). Inflammation and infection  around the neck of the teeth from plaque is what causes the bone to not  want to be there. It will slowly recede away from the tooth until the  tooth gets loose and falls out.

It used to be that only  people with great teeth and great habits kept their teeth into their  golden years. Now, even mediocre teeth can go the distance with the  right care. As we all live longer, we have to raise the bar on oral  hygiene. It is a team effort between you and your friendly dental team  at Camarillo Smiles. What we do is to help you become better and more  efficient so that you won't need us as much. We love to be needed, but  we also love seeing our coaching pay off for you. That makes us smile!

Have a great 2013. -Dr.C:)