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Tooth Fairy Inflation...How much to leave for a baby tooth

Tooth Fairy Inflation... Yes! It's a reality!

Remember the nights of sleepless anticipation, waiting until morning to find the shiny quarter the tooth fairy magically left for you under your pillow? Well, those days seem to be long gone. Nowadays, if a child finds a quarter in exchange for a baby tooth, it seems like a joke!

 Tooth fairy giving money for a baby tooth

Tooth fairy giving money for a baby tooth

Indeed, this fantasy fairy's generosity seems to be hitting an all time high, at the expense of mom and dad's pocket book.

“I think the Tooth Fairy is suffering from irrational exuberance,” said the director of global financial education at Visa, Jason Alderman. In a recent study conducted by Visa, it was revealed that children found an average of $3.70 in 2013, which is a 23% increase since the previous year! At this rate, kids can pocket about $74 for there full set of 20 baby teeth! Definitely seems like the tooth fairy is magically protected by the continuous economic downturn...

So why has the tooth fairy been so excessively generous? Alderman attributes it to parents not wanting their kids to be the ones on the playground having received the least amount from their tooth fairy. No one wants their kid to be the one left out... but to what extreme!? About 6% are leaving $20 a tooth, and 2% are even giving $50 per tooth! Wow, how times have changed!

Confused about what to give? We are too! At Camarillo Smiles, we definitely see it played out many ways. But, it does seem most parents are giving $5 for the first baby tooth to fall out, and then $1 for the rest. What do you think?