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In Defense of Candy

I have a confession. This is the time of year that I, as a dentist, am supposed to go on and on about the horrors of candy, but, I can’t. Even though most people believe that candy is the number one threat to teeth and the top cause of cavities, research does not support this wholesale vilification of sweets.

Any food that has any kind of sugar or carbohydrates that can be broken down by the bacteria in your mouth cause cavities. The longer the food sits on the teeth, the more breakdown of enamel we will see.

Surprisingly, research shows that candy, like caramels and jellybeans, dissolve more rapidly than starch-based products like potato chips, bread and rice. Candy is made with soluble sugars that wash away more rapidly than the sticky starches.

But be sensible, occasional eating of candy is not a problem, especially if you brush and floss afterwards. The problem comes when we eat is all day long.

 Maybe you should move that holiday candy bowl to someone else’s desk.-Dr. C:)