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Our Most Popular Webpage Ever!

 breastfeeding infant

At Camarillo Smiles, we keep track of what is of interest to our patients and friends when it comes to information on our website. Last year I wrote an article for our website, and let me tell you, nobody is more surprised than I am that it has become by far the most popular article on our website. So what page is it?

It is our page on Breastfeeding. Who would have thought? We do see so many young mothers at our practice and questions come up all of the time about the safety of dental medications and procedures while nursing. So I guess I should have figured.

We get several people a day going to our website to read our article on breastfeeding and dentistry. They google: “Is Novocaine safe while breastfeeding”, “nursing and Novocaine”, “what can I take for pain while I am nursing”, “what antibiotics are OK while breastfeeding”, etc. I knew that there was not a lot of information out there so I thought it would be helpful to write an article myself. Knowledge is often said to be power, but in this case Knowledge is safety.

Here at Camarillo Smiles, we love knowledge and we also love safety.

Here is a link to the article on the Camarillo Smiles website it is called, “Breast Feeding and Dental Care, a Guide for Nursing Mothers”.

Here’s to happy, healthy babies. Dr. C:)