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The process of straightening your teeth at Camarillo Smiles using the  Invisalign system is relatively easy. It starts with a free  consultation where we talk about your individual smile. Whether you have  crowding, gaps, or an over-bite, we discuss how we can give you the  smile you've always wanted.  We start off by creating an initial mold of  your teeth, we take some photographs and performing a comprehensive  exam of your mouth. We then design your custom Invisalign aligners. With  the help of some amazing 3D technology, we determine where your teeth  need to be and then divide up the journey into small incremental steps  to create a series of aligners that each leads the teeth closer to their  final destination. No two smiles are alike, and each custom series of  Invisalign aligners meets the unique requirements of each individual  patient. A certified Invisalign lab then fabricates the clear aligners.  Once you receive your aligners, simply wear each pair for about two  weeks, then move on to the next set in your series. Most patients  require 12 – 30 sets of the clear plastic aligners, worn over the course  of approximately 6-18 months to achieve straight teeth and an improved  smile.  Invisalign aligners can be removed when eating, drinking,  brushing and flossing.

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