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See what others are saying

I've gone to Camarillo Smiles for over thirty years. I used to be afraid of the dentist, but since I started seeing Dr.Czubiak I have no fear. The office staff is wonderful and welcoming. I can't say enough about how caring and kind Dr. Czubiak has always been. Once a friend and I were discussing dentists and we both insisted that we went to the best dentist. Finally we discussed who our dentist was, and guess what! We both went to Dr. Czubiak. I highly recommend him and the entire group.
-Karen 11/16/16

By far Dr. Czubiak is the kindest, most gentle, constant technologically updated dentist I've ever encountered. As young parents new to the county we chose him for his reputation of being gentle and caring with kids. 27 years later after watching him carry our sleeping kids from their procedures, (due to gentleness, not drugs), we still see doctor Czubiak. The kids have all chosen their dental insurance based mainly on his acceptance of that insurance, allowing them to continue seeing Doc Czub. So far, I've only spoken of Dr. Czubiak which isn't okay because he would not be able to perform to the standards in which he adheres without the support of his incredible staff! In addition to each individuals expertise, each person on staff share the same trait which I'm sure to be the inspiration to the name of the business...Camarillo Smiles!
As a whole, in my opinion a better dental experience can not be found.
-Tom   4/8/16

Jenny is the best hygienist ever! She is friendly, thorough, and efficient. She explains things thoroughly and is always patient, even if she is repeating something I forgot for the 40th time. I'm a cowardly patient but she is always gentle with me so I don't fear appointments. She is approachable and easy to talk to so my cleanings go by quickly. Dr. Czubiak is very friendly and approachable. He puts you at ease with his great sense of humor and has a great personality for dealing with cowardly patients like me. He takes a fairly conservative approach to dental work (read: no unnecessary work, he always tries to save a patient's natural teeth when possible), and is gentle, comforting and efficient when work needs to be done. I'm grateful to the friend who referred me to him. The office staff is always friendly and helpful. They help create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in the office.
-Jessica 1/7/15

Cass and Dr.Shapiro were great. I always comment to Cass how nice it must be to work there with such wonderful doctors and support staff. I am always referring my peeps to Dr. Czubiak's Dental office with confidence. 
- Stephanie 12/18/14

I had a wonderful, painless, positive experience. Dr. Czubiak is a true artist and I couldn't be happier. 

- Paulette 12/11/14

Dr. Czubiak has helped me through many procedures and most of them were complicated or tricky. If you want the best dentist, see Dr. Czubiak. He can help you even when regular "good" dentists might not be able to and he is a super nice guy. 

-Michelle 12/10/14

I am extremely happy with the service here. I trust that I am being well taken care of every time I go in. The entire staff is friendly and I really enjoy my time at Camarillo Smiles. I think I actually leave in a better mood. :) 

-Vanessa 11/11/14

Everyone in the office seems to remember all their customers. They're always up-to-date with questions about how I'm doing. The entire staff is sharp, proficient, polite, and friendly. All my adult children now come to Camarillo Smiles. Too bad they don't serve meals - I'd just stay there! :-) 

-Robin 11/7/14

Camarillo Smiles is the most caring, efficient, and accommodating dental facility I have been associated with. The office staff and all of the other dental support staff make each visit a very positive experience. Dr. Czubiak has shown infinite knowledge and care in resolving a complicated implant procedure. 

-Jo Ann 10/22/14

As Camarillo is a relatively small town...even within Ventura County...it doesn't take long to hear of someone's good or bad reputation. Dr. Czubiak had great referrals from some good friends. It all was true...Dr. Czubiak's dental practice is very professional yet friendly. I would highly recommend coming to his practice for your dental care. 

-Mike 10/14/14

Awesome, step sons first trip to the dentist in 4+ years. Had a lot of questions, everyone was patient and understanding. Couldn't be more pleased. 

-Andrew 10/2/14

The Camarillo Smiles office was easy to find and very comfortable. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful and made you feel comfortable. As soon as you walk in the door, you're greeted with a friendly smile and hello. Using the latest technology, my first visit to the Camarillo Smiles office was efficient and I received an honest assessment of my current dental situation and received a plan of action that was easy to understand. I'm very happy that I followed my wife's advice and visited Dr. Czubiak and the Camarillo Smiles office. I highly recommend them. 

-Tony 9/3/14

I recently moved to Camarillo and one of the difficult things about moving, is finding new doctors and dentists. Well, I lucked out here! All of the staff was more than just friendly, but concerned as well. And Dr. Shapiro spent all the time I needed and explained all my options in a very professional way. 

-S.A. 9/2/14

I love this dental office. Even though I no longer have dental coverage for this practice, I will continue to be a patient and gladly pay out of pocket for my visits because I receive excellent treatment and the staff is amazing. Dr. Czubiak is awesome :) 

-Silvia 8/29/14

We have been Camarillo Smiles patients for several years, and not once have we had a negative experience. The staff is friendly, the hygienists and doctors are wonderful, and we always feel like we are given wonderful attention (not rushed). This particular appointment was for a filling for my young son, who was quite nervous. Dr. Pez was patient, kind, and careful with him. She talked to him as a parent would and made sure he was comfortable. Even hours later, while washing up for the night at home, he said "I really like her. She is a nice dentist." There's no better endorsement than that! I would highly recommend Camarillo Smiles to any patient or family looking for a solid dental practice. 

-A.N. 8/26/14

Dr. Czubiak has been my dentist for many, many years. Everyone at his office is wonderful! I love the big aquarium. My husband took a 10 year hiatus from dental care after an extremely bad experience with a dentist (in the San Fernando Valley) I finally convinced him to see Dr. Czubiak. Now my husband has regular teeth cleanings. Cass is great too! 


It's so great to be back again with Dr Czubiak. His professionalism and expertise is unmatched by most other local dentists....and I can say that having been to more than I wanted. The lounge is comfortable and nice to see the fish and coral...great atmosphere, professional yet subdued - and let's not forget about the art exhibits! And last but not the least of all, I want to thank Lori and give her major kudos for providing painless and comfortable experience in the chair! We all have a certain amount of anxiety during that cleaning & scraping process - but Lori is an expert who doesn't miss anything and I felt extremely comfortable with her. Lori is a "smooth operator" and I can say she is the best dental hygienistI have had the pleasure to be with. It's been a few years that I have been gone and hope I never have to see another dental office until the day I die! And finally - kudos to everyone else in the front office who are all so nice and friendly and attentive to our scheduling needs. Thank you for following up and reminding me of the appointment...excellent communication fro the entire team!!! Yes you should post this - people looking for a dentist - do not bother going anywhere else!!!

-Dan 8/6/14

It is always great experiences with all of the hygienists and dentists for our five children and both of us parents! Dr Pez and Dr Czubiak are always so helpful! We highly recommend Camarillo Smiles for children of all ages! Plus, it is nice for adults too.

-Cherie 6/17/14

Our family has come here for years and the staff is great. We are always treated warmly and many times they have accommodated our ever changing schedules. Dr. Czubiak has always been trustworthy, never claiming you need unnecessary work done.

-Laurie 6/5/14

My teeth and gums are still in the hands of Dr. Czubiak and his team. I drive an hour and a half to my appointments when in the States. My confidence in his work is unshakeable...my teeth and gums, at 63 years, are in great shape because I practice their healthy suggestions.I am a "lifer patient" with gratitude.

-M.F. 6/2/14

I have been going to Dr. Czubiak since I've had teeth & I'm now 25 years old. Dr. Czubiak is such a gentle dentist, that when my brothers & I were younger, we would fall asleep in the chair & he'd carry us out to the waiting room. I highly recommend Camarillo Smiles!


Everyone is so nice and helpful and friendly. I wish all of my medical appointments were this smoothly run. I appreciate the reminders and the flexibility in the office. 

-E.D. 5/6/14

I love my dentist office. I used to be deathly afraid to go to the dentist and they make me feel comfortable and safe, I am not in pain when I leave. I love my teeth again! I can't thank them enough. 

Leslie 4/26/14

"I absolutely love the downtown Camarillo location, waiting area, fish tank and the Keurig coffee maker. The staff are exceptionally friendly and efficient at their work. The TV's are a nice distraction and Dr. Czubiak has always given me the best advice and treatment. I've unfortunately had to go to the dentist since I was 3 years old so I have a lot of experience with dental offices and by far this one is the best! My thanks to everyone that works at Camarillo Smiles"

Danielle L. 11/26/13


"Everyone at Camarillo Smiles were extremely helpful and caring professionals. They were great with our entire family including five children ages 2-18 and two adults. We have come to Camarillo Smiles for years. It is the BEST dental office with the finest staff we have ever experienced. We highly recommend it. Dr. Czubiak an Dr. Shapiro were incredible dentists with our whole family. The office staff were fantastic. All of the hygienists were outstanding like: Crystal, Mona and everyone else. Thank you everyone. "

S. Family 11/26/13

"I felt as though I had come to visit old friends. Loved the attached Art Gallery - but didn't understand the type of art. Suggest you let patients display their art endeavors - after you've judged it to be suitable of course." 
by "Mars" on 06/04/2012
"This was my first visit to this dentist. I was very anxious and in pain. It took only a few minutes before I felt comfortable and secure about my choice to treat here. The office staff is very friendly and Dr Cz was kind and understanding. I have already recommended him to a close friend. Thank you."  
by Anonymous on 04/17/2012 
"Thanks for the great service!"  
by Anonymous on 03/15/2012
"You guys are great! I've been a patient of Dr. Czubiak since the 1990"s(when he was on Ventura Blvd) I have never had a bad experience there. I like the Aquarium."  
by Michelle H on 03/11/2012
"I always have a great experience when I come in. Glad to have found such a great dental office. Hope to have many more years of great dental care with you in my future."  
by Heather S =] on 03/10/2012
"As a new patient my experience was extremely pleasant. The staff was caring, highly professional and had a great sense of humor. I 'll definitely be a long time patient."  
by Robert S on 03/07/2012
"Dr. Czubiak and his team are the best. I've never felt so welcomed at any medical practice. They always recognize me and check me in before I even reach the desk!"  
by Catherine B on 02/17/2012
"Camarillo Smiles exceeded my expectations. The office staff was friendly and accommodating and overall it was the best visit to the dentist I've ever had. This was my first time at Camarillo Smiles and at my old dentist I sat in the waiting room twiddling my thumbs for an unnecessary amount of time. I'm extremely happy with my experience and I will definitely recommend this office to others!"  
by Sarah H on 02/15/2012
"My family and I have been patients of Dr. Czubiak for over twenty years. After my first appointment with him I knew I had never met a gentler and caring dentist. Watching him carry my kids out to the waiting room because they had fallen asleep during a procedure became a common sight. I cannot find the words to appropriately recommend Dr. Czubiak and the staff at Camarillo Smiles. They are simply awesome! "  
by L & T C. on 01/29/2012
"The staff is wonderful...cheerful, professional, helpful. LOVE the art gallery."  
by Paulette J. on 01/25/2012
"I recently needed work done--old fillings needed to be replaced and there was a sensitive area on a tooth near the gumline that needed to be worked on. I am so glad I chose Camarillo Smiles. The work was completed 100% pain free and Dr. Czubiak and his staff put me at ease and were friendly and professional. Highly recommended! "  
by L. Powers on 01/22/2012
"When I say I'm going to the dentist, I can assure my friends that I love see him. At work one day a coworker and I were discussing how much we loved our dentist. We both assured each other that ours was the Best. We laughed when we discovered that our dentist was the same dentist! Over the years, he has consiststly given me painless procedures. Why wouldn't you want to go to someone who cares, is gentle and remembers who you are and all about your family.? I highly recommend him. Thank you!"  
by Karen E on 01/03/2012
"I would refer you to my friends, but I already did that and they are all coming to you."  
by Lynn F on 12/14/2011
"I am very pleased with the dental treatment and care provided by Dr. Shapiro. He did a great job and I plan on keeping Camarillo Smiles as my dentist office. I would and will refer my friends and family to them. They also have a friendly and very helpful staff! Sincerely, Irene Leal"  
by Irene L on 12/01/2011

"Your staff has always been friendly and professional. And I love your new salt water aquarium!" 
by Tony O on 11/30/2011

"What a great dentist and staff!!" 
by Jodi A on 11/11/2011
"I am terribly fearful of dental procedures and was made to feel secure and comfortable. An incredibly sensitive and caring dentist and wonderful quality of work. I would recommend this practice and every single member of it's lovely and friendly staff to all of my friends and family."  
by Erin on 11/04/2011
"The best dentist, office and team... very comfotable with everyone in the office"  
by Erica on 10/20/2011
"Great staff! I always leave happy."  
by Gale on 10/20/2011
"You guys are getting to be like family. Thanks for an enjoyable (really!) visit. Michelle M"  
by Anonymous on 10/18/2011
"Cas was great! My teeth looked terrific after my cleaning!"  
by Anonymous on 09/23/2011
"Always great service, never a long wait. I highly recommend Dr. Czubiak and his team."  
by Anonymous on 09/20/2011
"Cass went above and beyond explaining about my dental issues. She is one of the reasons I will continue coming to Camarillo Smiles. Thank you."  
by Anonymous on 09/16/2011
"Cass and Dr. C rock!!! Enjoy the banana bread...I'll bring 2 loaves next time." 
by Patty E on 09/15/2011
"I've been going to Dr. Czubiak's office since I was a kid. I always remember the staff and Dr. Czubiak being so polite and friendly. They were able to work out a payment plan so I could continue to get my teeth cleaned regularly."  
by Emily on 09/13/2011

"All the staff are so caring, cordial and professional, I almost enjoy a visit to the dentist. A far change from what I grew up with. And the setting is so pleasant and calming. I'm smiling right now as I write this."  
by Christina on 08/31/2011

"Thank you very much to Dr. Czubiak and the staff for always making my dental appointment pleasant I appreciate the time you take on your day off to come in for my checkup."  
by Kristin on 08/11/2011

"Everyone was awesome!"  
by Tanner on 08/10/2011

"Cheerful, knowledgeable people and a clean, client-freindly office--Camarillo Smiles is by far the best dental office around!"  
by Anonymous on 07/29/2011

"I am always impressed with my experience at Dr. Czubiak's office. The staff is always welcoming and I have always felt comfortable going in for appointments. I don't mind going to the dentist anymore because they always make it a comfortable experience =)"  
by Anonymous on 07/29/2011

"Cass is the best....love her!"  
by Carol on 07/28/2011

"Great service by everyone as usual. Cass is the best :)"  
by Andy R on 07/28/2011

"I enjoyed meeting Dr Shapiro. He was very professional, helpful, and explained things thoroughly. In particular, I appeciated his work on my night guard."  
by Bob on 07/26/2011

"ALWAYS PROFESSIONAL AND ALWAYS HAS MET MY DENTAL NEEDS! Conservagtive office but always tells you their reccommendations."  
by Anonymous on 07/23/2011

"U All ROCK !!"  
by www.LaserDude.com on 07/08/2011

"I rate my experiences in Camarillo Smiles some of the best I have had in the Dental Offices of my lifetime :-) And that's over 50 years' worth."  
by Phyllis on 06/23/2011

"It was a pleasant experience and the care I got for my dental work was thorough."  
by David on 06/18/2011

"I am a huge Cheerleader for My Dentist.. and Crystal.. Thank you much.. See you in 3 months"  
by Sharon on 06/16/2011

"My fear of going to the dentist once I started going to Dr. Czubiak disappeared. He has been my dentist for over twenty years, and I always recommend him because he is consistently a caring dentist. He not only cares for peoples teeth, but he cares about the whole person and their family. I so appreciate the care that he has given to me over the years. I highly endorse him." 
 by Karen on 06/15/2011




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