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Replacing Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

 Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are artificial roots used to replace missing teeth. They are made of titanium, an inert metal that bonds with the bone, forming a very tight union called osseointegration. The modern system of dental implants, the endosseous system, is extremely successful and has a 90% to 95% success rate.

The dental implant itself replaces the root of the tooth. It is usually in the shape of a cylinder. The implant connects to a component (the abutment) that joins the implant to the replacement tooth (the crown).

Dental implants are ideal replacements for teeth. When healthy teeth have to be prepared for crowns or bridges, healthy tooth structure needs to be removed. But if only one tooth is missing, the dental implant can simply replace it without having to sacrifice the adjacent teeth. As conservative dentists here at Camarillo Smiles, we like preserving and keeping natural the teeth next to a space so we love to place an implant in a space and totally avoid messing around with the other healthy teeth in the area.

Dental implants can be also be used to replace many missing teeth. Multiple teeth can be replaced with dental implants and can avoid the need for a removable denture. Removable dentures can be hard to get used to. They may have clasps that can be unsightly and put additional stress on the existing teeth. Full dentures may be difficult to wear and may interfere with eating and speaking. People that wear dentures for a long time may have additional loss of the bone that supports the denture. This bone loss can be accelerated by osteoporosis, and eventually dentures may be very difficult to wear if not impossible. Poor-fitting dentures can interfere with proper nutrition and quality of life.

Generally, one implant is needed to replace each missing tooth. In some situations, several teeth can be anchored to a couple implants to make a bridge. Other times, we can use just four implants and replace a whole arch of teeth. The deciding factor for deciding how many implants are needed to replace missing teeth is the quality of the bone (how hard or soft the bone is), how much bone is available to plant the implants and the overall shape of the bone.  If there is not enough bone available to replace a whole set of teeth, implants may be used as anchors for dentures. When dentures are supported by implants they can be much more stable and the implants help prevent the deterioration of the bone that supports the denture.

The endosseous system of dental implants has been used for many, many years. They provide great longevity and can be expected to last for years and years. The people of Camarillo and all of Ventura County have thoroughly enjoyed their new teeth that we have created because they look and feel so much like natural teeth which adds comfort, confidence and can dramatically improve their smile. The replacement of missing teeth with dental implants is a phenomenal alternative for people of all ages.


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