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Camarillo Smiles recycles old crowns to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo

Scrapping for kids


During the course of dental treatment, we sometimes need to replace an older, worn or broken crown or bridge. Many of these old crowns have some precious metals in them that make them have some value, although, never as much as a patient is hoping for. The value varies based on weight, metal type and purity. A typical crown can be worthless (porcelain with non-precious metal) to about $50-60 for a full 22 carat gold crown.

Typically the old crown is offered to the patient. Some patients want it. They take it home and, for many, it sits in a jewelry box for years and years until it is forgotten. A few will take it to a place that buys gold and they get a little money for it. If the dentist keeps it, it is usually collected and then sent to a refiner who then pays the dentist for it.

Now, there is another option. The precious metal can be collected and refined to help the precious children at the Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo.

 Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo

About The Club

The Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo strive to be a place where children know they belong, and have the security and guidance necessary to reach their full potential. Through the generosity of individuals, corporations and organizations, they are able to keep membership fees affordable, less than $10 per month, so that every child has the opportunity to participate. With an annual budget of $950,000, they serve over 3,000 youth per year, with a daily attendance averaging more than 400. Their low overhead allows them to allocate 85% of their revenue directly to program services.  THEY RELY ON DONATIONS FROM THE COMMUNITY FOR THE MAJORITY OF THEIR INCOME.

The Program

  1. The dentist is given a collection jar that has the Boys and Girls Club name on it.
  2. When an old crown or bridge is being removed, the patient is asked if they would like to keep the old crown or if they would like to donate it to the Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo.
  3. Place the old crown in the collection jar.
  4. In November, the collection jar will be picked up. It will be refined and a check will be made out to the Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo with the donation being made in the name of the contributing doctor/practice.


It's that easy. The patient feels good about it, the dentist feels good about it, the kids win, and the community wins. A recent study shows that for every dollar donated to a Boys and Girls Club the community benefits $15. 

Thank you for your commitment to the community and your participation in this program!