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Pregnancy and Gum Disease

Your baby’s monster is not under the bed, it’s in your mouth!

You know that you are going to be a great mom. Sure, there is a lot to worry about, but you will do everything you can to minimize any risks to your child. So make sure you start now, while you are pregnant. Over 12% of pregnancies in the United States end with a preterm birth (less than 37 weeks). Preterm birth will affect 500,000 families each year and will cost our medical system $26 billion.

There is a bad guy out there that is a major cause of preterm births and even still births and his name is Fusobacterium nucleatum. Let’s call him Fn, for short. Fn is a bacteria, a nasty bacteria. Preterm births are caused by an infection in the uterus and guess who the most prevalent species of bacteria found in these infections is? You guessed it, Fn. Fn gets in to the bloodstream, goes in to the uterus and permeates the cell walls and even then allows other bacteria to leak through, causing infection and inflammation resulting in premature birth and sometimes even death.

If you are wondering why a dentist is writing about this, well, as it turns out, Fn is also a big contributor to dental plaque and the ensuing gum disease (periodontal disease). Recent medical studies have shown that the mouth is the breeding ground for Fn and is the source of the Fn found in the amniotic fluid of the placenta. And, Fn has been found to be prevalent in another place, the intestinal system, causing colorectal cancer.

It is very common to have an increase in gum disease during pregnancy. Have you noticed redness in your gums or sensitivity or bleeding? This is called pregnancy gingivitis and it must be treated. Controlling the level of Fn in your mouth is of paramount importance for your overall health and for your baby’s health, too. Luckily, with the help of our smart and talented dental hygienists at Camarillo Smiles, you can get back on track to having that beautiful, healthy baby that will surely bring much love and joy to your life. Be well.

Camarillo Smiles is dedicated to being on the leading edge of good health and wellness guided by solid science. Benefit from tomorrow’s standard of care…today!

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